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NewTek NDI, PotPlayer, multiple cameras...

I've came up with maybe better solution then using VLC or even NewTek Connect for "converting" several connected cameras via SDI or HDMI to for example Blackmagic card to NDI network devices...

Here is a link to discussion about it:

And copy/paste of it.

Huh hah huh!

So, I'm abandoning VLC forever and ever, that software just don't work that's all... 

Connect also... For me. 

But Daum PotPlayer is the best player in the world, and everyone should switch to it now!
Plays UDP stream like a champ, no problem, no tarring, stuttering or anything similar!
PotPlayer also has an option to play your devices in it, for example input from Blackmagic capture card.
So, what I've done is:
1. Connect my camera to BM Intensity Pro
2. Run NDI Scan Converter
3. Run PotPlayer
4. In PotPlayer - Right click > Preferences > Device > Webcam and select what I want
5. Press Apply > OK
6. Right click > Open > Webcam
7. You should see your camera
8. Go to NDI Scan Converter
9. Right click on it and select PotPlayer
10. Open your PotPlayer stream in NDI Video Monitor or vMix
11. In NDI ScanConverter right click and disable mouse cursor!

Also, you can open several instances if you have other camera inputs and NDI ScanConverter will see all PotPlayer instances like PotPlayer, PotPlayer [1] and so on!
Be sure to have PotPlayer on top and don't minimized, you can also turn off playlist and other bars so that they don't show up if you move your mouse over it! For me this works great! :)


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