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[M3D] - 3D printing project, Xiaomi 10000 mAh powerbank case for Xiaomi Yi, GoPro and similar action cameras

Looking around, thinking how would I carry my Xiaomi Yi while taking timelapses, long videos and so.
Xiaomi 10000 mAh powerbank came on my mind, and I ordered it.
Powerbank from Xiaomi is very well made, in aluminum casing, and it can charge Xiaomi Yi camera at the same time while charging the powerbank itself.
So I thought of creating a casing for it that can carry any action camera. And can be handled in one hand while recording...

My idea was to have 3 mounts - 2 GoPro quick release clips and 1 normal GoPro mount so that you can choose where you want to mount your camera, or some other attachments like microphone, LED light, other mounts for car, table or similar.

As I've printed it with my M3D printer, printing last for 2.5 days. Printed in FULL infill and MEDIUM quality, PLA.


If you'd like to edit my project, let me know, and I'll send you a link to Tinkercad :)

After I printed casing for Xiaomi powerbank, I wanted to make it stronger and more grippy for hand.
I asked my friend, and he recommended me a Plasti Dip.
Which I bought at awesome shop in Zagreb, for 135kn.
Sprayed the casing, 1 layer to clips and mounts so that I can easily slide GoPro clips to it, and 4 layers on rest.

Before black matte Plasti Dip spray


Then I needed to create a cover for it, making a GoPro normal screw mount and hole for USB, LED indicator and M5 screws. So that I can easily make any cover I want, adding any other mount to it, and not changing the whole casing, but still using the mounts from case for accesories...

After black matte Plasti Dip spray, with cover (non Plasti Dipped yet)


That's all for now from this project, if you have some ideas, comments, feel free to contact me, or make a comment via Disqus under this post :)

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